Relocation Checklist

Office Facilities Group requests the following:


  • Please do not write directly on the boxes.
  • Put the room number of the new location (on a label) on the box as well as the person’s name.
  • Put this information on the sides of the box.
  • Boxes should not exceed 50 pounds.
  • Please put packed boxes on the floor; do not block the entrance to the office with boxes. Many times furniture is removed first.


  • Provide a list to your OFG mmove coordinator, list both current and future locations, and organize the list by move date.
  • If IT supports your computers, they will manage the move of your computers. If IT does not support your computers, the movers will move them; computers need be disconnected and labeled.
  • It is recommended that you move any personal items (i.e. radios, artwork, and plants) yourself.
  • Wastebaskets and recycling bins do not need to be packed in a box. Wastebaskets and recycling bins must be empty to be moved; please label with the room number of the future location.
  • The movers are able to move copy machines, but please check with the copy vendor if you have maintenance agreement.


  • Free standing files of up to 3 drawers may be moved loaded if elevators are available in the building. If the files cannot be locked, the drawers must be taped shut. All 4 drawers and 5 drawers files will need to have at least the top two file drawers emptied.
  • All furniture (desks, credenzas, shelves, bins, etc.) should be unloaded prior to the move.
  • Please label all furniture with the room number where it will be located. Furniture that is not labeled will not be moved.
  • Office Facilities Group will need a diagram or floor plan of your new office to show the proper placement of furniture in the office. This diagram may be taped to the door of the office.


  • It is very helpful to have a coordinator at the current location and the new location, to direct the movers and answer questions.
  • Specify an area in the building where boxes can be stacked for removal.
  • In order to ensure that you are not charged the cost of the boxes, the move coordinator should call Office Facilities Group and specify where the boxes are to be picked up and how many are being returned.